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Original German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks


Family Kammerer

The company was established in 1938 in Schonach by Helmut Kammerer. In 1981 the company management was handed over to Rolf Kammerer, and now is in the third generation. Since 1998 Uwe Kammerer ensures that the tradition, reputation and quality of the Kammerer cuckoo clocks it to the highest standard in the Black Forest

Uwe Kammerer learned three trades; he is a carpenter a tool maker and also a qualified clock maker and studied at the clock-makers-college of Furtwangen. He can be found daily on the factory floor ensuring that the handmade cuckoo clocks are of the highest quality.

The Kammerer cuckoo clock factory has its own carpenter workshop building the clock cases and the blanks for the wood carvings. The wood carvings are to the same high standard today as in the early days of the company. The wood carvings have to be carried out by very skilled and experienced craftsmen, warranting that all Kammerer clocks are handmade.

Family Kammerer has a wide range of cuckoo clocks. With an extensive range of very special chalet cuckoo clocks with beautiful details such as the Hunting clock below, but also a wide variety of hand carved cuckoo clocks in all shapes and sizes.

Kammerer cuckoo clocks are handmade and go through a strict quality control; the cuckoo clocks are tested before packaging and shipping to the customer.

The Helmut Kammerer clock factory is an important member of the VDS (the Black Forest Clock makers association) ensuring that your Kammerer cuckoo clock is hand made in Schonach Germany the heart of the cuckoo clock making industry.

We sell family Kammerer clocks because we have had many years of positive experience with Uwe Kammerer the clock maker. This means quality build, the finest workmanship and the best packaging in the whole industry.



Anton Schneider

Anton Schneider is one of the oldest clock makers from the Black Forest, founded in 1848 in a farm house in Schonach the heart of the cuckoo clock making industry. The company is now in the 6th generation and has been producing high value cuckoo clocks at the current location since 1952.

In the years between 1952 and 1985 the modern factory building was extended several times. The Anton Schneider factory is today among the most modern and largest cuckoo clock factories in the Black Forest. Never the less, the old tradition of doing valuable carving work by hand has been maintained and in the last few years even greatly improved. This required intensive training of young wood carvers under the companies’ direction.

Anton Schneider has many wonderful models in its range; every cuckoo clock is handmade and undergoes an intensive quality control before it is shipped to the customer.

Anton Schneider combines over a century of experience with good ideas and ingenuity, and makes special cuckoo clocks. Anton Schneider has a worldwide reputation for quality, tradition and beautiful cuckoo clocks. See the pictures below of just a few of these special models from Anton Schneider in our range. The lumber yard with visible mechanics, the limited edition Bahnhäusle with Edelweiß (only available in Heidi & Peters Ladl) or the hand carved butterfly cuckoo clock with moving butterflies.

Anton Schneider is naturally an important member of the VDS (the Black Forest Clock Maker’s Association).